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Causes of insufficient power of diesel generators
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As a professional generator manufacturer from domestic market, the diesel generator power shortage problem reflected by customer, Huaquan group engineers alalysis the reasonas from below eight aspects and hope to answer for customers doubts:

First, the fuel system is faulty

(1) fuel filter or pipe into the air or obstruction, resulting in oil flow is not smooth, lack of power, and even fire difficult. Should clear the air inthe pipe line, clean the diesel filter, if necessary, replace the filter

(2) Damage caused by fuel injection , killed or bad atomization, during this time easily lead to lack of cylinder, the engine power shortage. Should be promptly cleaned, grinding or replacement.

(3) fuel pump fuel shortage will also lack of power, should promptly check, repair or replace the occasional, and re-adjust the fuel pump fuel supply.

Second, the cooling and lubrication system is faulty

Diesel generator overheating, is due to cooling or lubrication system failure,such circumstances will lead to water temperature and oil temperature is too high, prone to pull cylinder or piston ring stuck phenomenon. When the diesel generator exhaust temperature increases, should check the cooler and radiator, remove the scale.

Third, the cylinder head group is faulty

(1) Due to exhaust gas leakage caused by insufficient intake or mixed with air into the gas, which led to fuel combustion is not sufficient, power down. Should be grinding the valve with the valve seat with the surface to improve its sealing, if necessary,pls change the oil one!

(2) the cylinder head and the body of the joint surface leakage will make the gas inside the cylinder into the waterways or oil, causing the coolant into the engine body, if not found in time will lead to "slippery" or black smoke, so that the engine Lack of motivation. Due to damage to the cylinder pad, there will be a flow of air from the cylinder head out of the cylinder when the engine running there will be blisters, then the torque should be tightened cylinder nut or replace the cylinder head gasket.

(3) the valve gap is not correct will cause leakage, resulting in engine power down, or even start difficult. The valve clearance should be adjusted again.

(4) The damage of the valve spring will cause the valve difficulties to return to position! The valve leakage, gas compression ratio reduced, resulting in lack of engine power.Should replace the damaged valve spring in time.

(5) Injector installation hole leakage or copper pad damage will cause the lack of cylinder, so that the engine power shortage. Remove the damaged parts and replace the damaged parts. If the water temperature is too low, will lead to increased heat loss, this time should be adjusted into the temperature, so that meet the specified value.

Fourth, the air filter is not clean

Air filter is not clean will cause increased resistance, air flow reduction, inflatable efficiency decreased, resulting in lack of engine power. Clean the diesel air filter core or remove the dust from the paper filter as required and replace the filter if necessary.

Fifth, the exhaust pipe obstruction

Exhaust pipe obstruction will cause the exhaust is not smooth, fuel efficiency. Power down. Should check whether the exhaust pipe due to excessive carbon deposition caused by increased resistance to exhaust. General exhaust back pressure should not exceed 3.3Kpa, usually should always clear the exhaust pipe within the coke.

Six, the oil supply advance angle is too large or too small

Oil supply advance angle is too large or too small will cause the pump fuel injection time too early or too late (fuel injection time is too early fuel combustion is not sufficient, too late will take white smoke, fuel will not burn enough), so that burning The process is not in the best condition. At this point should check the fuel injection shaft adapter screw is loose, if loose, you should re-adjust the oil supply advance angle, and tighten the screws.

Seven, piston and cylinder liner strain

Due to the piston and cylinder liner serious or wear off, and the piston ring caused by increased friction loss, resulting in increased mechanical loss of the engine itself, reduced compression ratio, fire or inadequate combustion, under the inflatable increase, leakage Gas serious. At this time, replace the cylinder liner, piston and piston rings.

8, connecting rod bearing and crankshaft connecting rod journal surface bite

The appearance of this situation will be accompanied by abnormal sound and oil pressure drop and other phenomena, which is due to oil oil blockage, oil pump damage, oil filter block, or oil hydraulic pressure is too low or even no oil and other reasons. At this point, the removable side of the diesel generator side, check the side of the bar and the gap, to see whether the head can move forward and backward, if not move, then that has bite, should repair or replace the connecting rod bearing.

At this point, for the supercharged diesel generators, in addition to the above reasons will make the power down, if the supercharger bearing wear, presses and turbines into the intake pipeline dirt or leakage, but also can make the diesel generator Power down. When the supercharger appears in the above situation, should be repaired or replaced bearings, cleaning the intake pipe, shell, wiping the impeller, tighten the joint nut and clamp and so on.

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