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Main points of maintenance for diesel generator sets
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Do a good job for the maintenance of diesel generating units that can effectively improve the equipment intact rate, utilization and productivity, and reduce the equipment life cycle maintenance costs and other non-normal expenses, reduce the use of cost and extend the service life, the following we will introduce the maintenance of diesel generating units.

1. Every half month,the generator need do the "three level maintenance", 4 hours, try to run for 15 minutes, and record the generator relevant parameters.

2. Annual maintenance reported to the higher level company approved.

3. Need check according the procedures, smoke exhaust system, ventilation system, exhaust, fan intact, air flow, room lighting, emergency lights well.

4. Check the battery level according to the specified time, such as the liquid level is not enough, add electrolyte, measure the proportion and timely charging, and make records.

5. To remove air, oil, diesel, filter with gasoline for cleaning according the specified time, and remove dust, check the oil turbidity, if spoil should be replaced.

6. Replace the cooling water of the tank according to the specified time and measure the insulation resistance of the generator.

7. To clean the engine room floor/walls according to the specified time, to make that the unit without oil, no leakage.

8. In the case of typhoons, fires, heavy rain, earthquakes, to take corresponding emergency measures.

9. The maintenance records are complete and be saved properly.

10. Equipped with professional and technical personnel operation, working and maintenance.

Above is the main maintenance of diesel generating units,for more information, please check the company's website.

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