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Acceptance of diesel generator set
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The acceptance notice about diesel generator set
customers in after will have a good diesel generating sets of choose and buy the goods arrived in the process of acceptance, after detailed check of diesel generator set, customers think that no problem is complete delivery. How to acceptance of the client generator set?
We capture some of the diesel generator set according to the practical situation of quality certification testing detailed rules for the implementation of the performance index requirements to share with you, hope to have certain help for customer acceptance of the diesel generator set. I plant production of high quality generator sets, reliable quality, appearance conform to specified requirements and strict self-checking, can rest assured the choose and buy.
1. Cosmetic requirements
1) diesel generator set the boundaries of size, size of installation and connection size are conform to the prescribed procedures approved by the product design
2) welding of the unit should be solid, weld should be uniform, no welding wear, bite edge, slag inclusion and porosity, slag flux should be cleared; Coating should be uniform, without obvious crack and fall off; Coating shall be smooth, no plating leakage spots, such as corrosion phenomenon; Fasteners should be no loose unit.
3) diesel generator electrical installation shall comply with the circuit diagram, the each wire connection of the unit should have a clear sign of not easy to fall off.
4) diesel generator should be good grounding terminals.
5) diesel generator panels complete content
2. The insulation resistance and dielectric strength
1) insulation resistance: the electric circuits of the independent of and the insulation resistance between circuit should be greater than 2 m
2) insulation strength: unit for each independent electric loop and loop should be able to withstand the test voltage for 1 min, communication between should be no breakdown or flashing phenomenon.
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