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Weifang diesel generator water tank is how to form scale
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Weifang diesel generating set scale in the water tank is how to form

We all know that weifang diesel generating set in use process tanks in the diesel engine will produce some scale, the scale in the water tank not only affect the cooling effect will also reduce the service life of diesel engines, so we should keep clear of the scale, so the scale is how to?

Weifang diesel generator cooling system in the process of using cooling fluid will have certain loss, need to add water to the cooling system in a timely manner. Some users not cooling fluid or distilled water, but directly to hard water, the results of the calcium and magnesium ions in hard water easily with common inorganic components form scale of cooling fluid. And silica scaling model mainly comes from without coolant in Portland. Metal scale are mainly composed of iron scale and soldering scale. The former mainly by ordinary model without coolant of inorganic salt and iron on the metal cylinder body of protective film for consumption off form, while the latter is by inorganic salt corrosion inhibitor has a strong oxidizing solder "flower" and the formation of the sediment volume. Thus it can be seen that tanks in diesel generator set scale formation mainly comes from the incorrect use of generator cooling system, and will produce serious consequences to the normal operation of the generator set.
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